The sleep


In an educational environment, the moment of rest can have different meanings than the “bed at home”, therefore the objects for sleeping must be different, consisting of elements necessary for a safe rest without the child feeling stuck or in a cage, but suggesting instead comfort and, at the same time, autonomy.
Babies’ needs for sleep are basically two:
• They do not want to be afraid of falling and the normal cots, even if low, are a mezzanine without protection.
• Sometimes they would like to get up and go to the educator, but if there are bars, the only way to get attention is to cry.
A good bed must also:
– Insulate effectively from the floor;
– Be non-toxic, the materials must not release phthalates or other potentially harmful substances;
– Having the possibility of being completed by soft covers and sheets, which must be coordinated;
– Have the safest fire reaction class, class 1IM.