The game


In an intentionally educational environment for children such as a nursery or kindergarten, the space dedicated to the so-called “ball pools” is usually important and often connotes an entire area by itself. Diving into a sea of ​​balls is indeed an interesting stimulus but, if we cannot also offer other different spaces, it is useful to think of a more dynamic proposal, which allows a creative and diversified use of both the container and the content.

I Mari di OltreMorbido can become a beautiful and safe tub with balls, but they can also contain many other splendid alternatives: large Drops, Soft Rectangles and Squares, a studied composition of Large Blocks, Pluff for reading with mum …

Discover our entire range of products intended for play and furnishing to create cozy and stimulating spaces for the little ones, such as the mysterious Castle and our Corner of Heaven, which starts from simple walls with a quarter-circle carpet that, together, they identify a protected corner and gradually it can be enriched with soft shaped cushions to outline a border, small soft rectangles and squares to invent comfortable supports and seats and, with a compact edge, it can become a real pond in which, if desired, you can also put many balls.