Softcare Line mattresses


The line consists of 3 models, each designed specifically to meet different needs:

SOFTCARE LEVEL 3 is an anti-decubitus mattress consisting of a series of padded tubulars in silicone hollow fiber housed in a breathable lining; it is preventive for high-risk patients and curative for patients with a hint of injury in fair general physical conditions, usable as a mattress for people of low weight or as a mattress overlay, preferably on a foam mattress, for people weighing more than 60 kg.

SOFTCARE LEVEL 5 and SOFTCARE LEVEL 7 are anti-decubitus mattresses made up of a series of siliconized hollow fiber padded tubes housed in a breathable lining. They have a decidedly high efficacy; they are therefore preventative for high-risk patients but are also suitable for patients with ongoing injuries, in fair general physical conditions. Both are very comfortable mattresses for the patient, easy to handle and very easy to manage for the caregivers.