Soft and themed pillows


There are many and different “shapes” of the sitting position: designing objects suitable for different situations cannot be trivial and often it is the simplest objects that require the most studied devices.
The use of polystyrene microbeads in a soft casing is interesting because it allows great adaptability but requires a wise study of shapes, sizes, materials so that the object adapts to the body, posture and not vice versa:

– the shape MUST be designed to accommodate if you want a relaxed posture (Smac, Tondoli) or support by adapting only just enough (Quadrati, Rettangoli, Sofa, Ciambelli, Rotoli);

– the fabric MUST let the air pass to avoid the “ball” effect;

– the inner lining MUST be elastic, to adapt to any shape;

– when you want to dampen the kinetic energy as much as possible without rebounding the microbeads, the outer lining MUST also be elastic, as in the Pluffs.