Ergocomfort pillow


ERGOCOMFORT is an anti-decubitus pillow characterized by a complex structure: elastic polyurethane foams of different bearing capacities, preformed to follow the anatomy of the ischium sacral area and thigh, associated with thermo-modeling foams with impression memory and bags containing self-modeling fluids, in quantity and density such as to allow sufficient deformation to penetrate the bony prominences to avoid the bottom out phenomenon.
The structure of the cushion thus formed allows, therefore, the perfect adherence of the surface to the body in support, ensuring an adequate sinking of the bony prominences to avoid the risks caused by a static position and guaranteeing excellent postural support. In the upper part of the pillow, the double layer of thermo-modeling foams with differentiated carrying capacities allows the softer part to deform with body heat, and model itself perfectly on the anatomical shapes.