General conditions of sale

1.1 Orders must be sent by the customer via email to the address:; upon receipt, a written order confirmation is sent to the customer. The customer must promptly and accurately check the conformity between his order and the confirmation received, reporting any discrepancies within three days. Receiving nothing from the customer, the order is considered final and accepted within the terms indicated in the confirmation.
1.2 For orders below Euro 150.00, Euro 15.00 will be charged on the invoice as a minimum order management fee. The shipment of the goods will be made by cash on delivery or bank transfer in advance.
1.3 Except in particular situations (such as the acquisition of specific evidential documentation for tax breaks or in the field of VAT), to ensure respect for privacy, no data relating to the end user (name, surname, address, etc.) must be reported on the order. ..).

All items are CE marked in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC

The delivery terms are agreed upon during the processing / acceptance of the order, are indicative and are communicated to the customer for each individual item by means of an order confirmation.

4.1 Shipments, unless otherwise specified by the customer at the time of the order, are made by our affiliated couriers, with charges on the invoice, which are calculated at cost.
4.2 Any storage costs, for reasons attributable to the recipient, will be charged to the invoice at cost.
4.3 Anomalies, breakages caused by transport: the recipient is obliged to check the quantity of packages at the time of delivery and to note any missing packages on the delivery document. Upon delivery, it is also mandatory to check the integrity of the packaging and the state of conservation of the goods, noting any anomalies found on the transport document. Even in the case of apparently intact packaging, to ensure the possibility (granted by the regulations in force) to verify the integrity of the content within eight days of delivery, it is in any case essential to indicate on the delivery documentation that must be returned to the courier the following wording: ” Goods accepted subject to verification “; failing this, no recourse action can be taken against the courier and, therefore, no replacement or refund by the supplier will be possible.

Any complaints, for any reason (damage caused by transport, lack of parts, product problems, etc.), must imperatively be sent to the supplier in writing, exclusively by email, within 8 days of receipt of the goods. Complaints received after these terms will be automatically rejected.
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General conditions of sale

6.1 Each return of goods must be authorized in advance by the supplier; the request for authorization to return the goods will be sent to the customer by the supplier through a specific form of R.M.A. (Returned Goods Authorized), bearing the relative number. The goods (with the sole exception of the “Return of goods under warranty”):
• must be sent ex our warehouses, with the customer’s courier, carefully packaged;
• must be accompanied by an accompanying document, showing the precise description of the property and the RMA number;
• a copy of the RMA form received must be affixed externally on the package in a visible position.
6.2 Return of goods under warranty. The return of defective goods, during the warranty period, is governed by the “Warranty conditions”. The return must be strictly authorized in advance by the supplier; the request for authorization to return the goods will be sent to the customer by the supplier through the specific R.M.A. under warranty, bearing the relative number. The goods are strictly:
• must be returned in the original packaging or, failing this, carefully packed and accompanied by an accompanying document bearing the RMA number (returned goods authorized) and the words: RETURN GOODS UNDER WARRANTY,
• a copy of the RMA form received must be affixed externally on the package.
• The shipment will be at our expense, through our affiliated couriers. If the customer wishes to use his own courier, the shipping costs will be borne by him and cannot be reimbursed.
• If the returned product is not covered by warranty (evidence of incorrect use, lack of maintenance, etc.), the customer will be charged for all costs, including shipping costs.
Failure to comply with even only a part of these prescriptions has the automatic consequence of non-compliance acceptance of the goods by our warehouses, with the return to the sender and charge of the related costs.

7.1 All our products are guaranteed by us for 24 months against any manufacturing defect and against any problem related to the raw materials used, with repairs and / or replacements entirely at our expense and at our headquarters, according to the methods indicated in the “Conditions of warranty”. The warranty does not include consumables and materials subject to wear, damage caused by incorrect or improper use, normal wear and tear due to prolonged use of the product, such as but not limited to, the natural discoloration of the fabrics or
deterioration of materials. For damage caused by transport, see previous point 3.3. In any case, the guarantee does not entail the recognition of indemnity for direct and indirect damage to things or people, indemnity for technical stoppages or for any other reason.
7.2 The product is guaranteed starting from the date of purchase by the user, a date which must be proven by a delivery document issued by the retailer or by other documentary evidence bearing the name of the retailer, the date of sale and the serial number ( indicated on the product and / or on the transport document). If a document of the type indicated above is missing, the warranty terms will take effect from the date of the invoice of Fumagalli Care&Reha relating to the product in question.
7.3 Compliance of accessories; modifications and work on the product. Important: the use of the product with non-original accessories and structural changes or processes that affect the structure of the product, not previously and expressly approved in writing by Fumagalli Care&Reha, void the validity of the guarantee.

With regard to any dispute between the parties relating to the interpretation and execution of the clauses of these general conditions, the Court of Como will be exclusively competent.