A company of tradition,

Our history

Fumagalli Care&Reha it is the evolution of a family business, which began its activity in the late 1960s by creating, in collaboration with the association La Nostra Famiglia, aids and equipment for physiotherapy and motor play.

In the 80s-90s it evolved by integrating production with aids for children with motor disabilities and with products dedicated to the rehabilitation and movement of guests in residential healthcare facilities throughout Italy.

Production entirely made in Italy

The experience gained in the prevention of bedsores has made Fumagalli a reference figure, with a wide line of products of its own production.
The evolution and research towards company progress has made Fumagalli become a leader in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy market, and the various collaborations with structures throughout Central and Northern Italy have allowed Fumagalli to become a protagonist in the market in the first decades of 2000.

Our production:

  • Aids for sitting posture, standing and walking
  • Mattresses, pillows and other accessories for the prevention of decubitus
  • Positioning belts
  • Aids for the movement of people
  • Assistive products for neuromotor rehabilitation

Corporate structure and commercial organization

Fumagalli has always operated with three distinct divisions:

Aids for disabled people

Rehabilitation and aids for the management of the bedridden person

Suggestive objects for the body play and motor activities of the child

Fumagalli Care & Reha recently joined the Hepius Group, a large Swiss company that controls several companies operating in the medical – orthopedic sector, present in Switzerland and Italy.


Download the presentation of the Hepius group here

The desire to grow and to return to being protagonists in the market have led our company to integrate its range with some new types of products:

  • For the MEDICAL sector we now deal with MEDICAL DEVICES and disposable products;
  • In the sector of products intended for INCONTINENCE, we have a leading and competent partner who makes personalized advice its strong point;
  • A renewed line for rehabilitation combines innovative research with the progress of aids available on the national and international market.


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